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What is Precision Cleanse?

Precision Cleanse is a revolutionary new way to rid the hair shaft of toxins such as thc (marijuana), cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates (heroin), etc.

How does Precision Cleanse work?

Precision Cleanse penetrates to the edge of the cortex of the hair shaft to dissolve and remove toxins.

What happened to the product Afterburner you used to carry?

As of January 10th 2007, we've changed the name of Afterburner to Precision Cleanse. Precision cleanse is an improved and more effective formula for hair detoxification.

What makes Precision Cleanse different?

Besides Precision Cleanse being the most powerful hair cleansing formula available today, what's extremely important is pre-treating the hair and preparing it to accept Precision Cleanse for maximum absorption into the hair strand. We have put much research into this and provide you with specific and crucial pretreatment directions.

How long does it take Precision Cleanse to work?

Application time is approximately 1 hour. For best results, apply Precision Cleanse the day of the test and your hair will be toxin free immediately after use.

Will Precision Cleanse be detectable in Hair Analysis?

No. Precision Cleanse rinses clean, leaving no residual traces.

Can Precision Cleanse be used on Body Hair?

Yes it can. Precision Cleanse can be used on armpit, chest, pubic, leg or arm hair.

What kind of guarantee do I have that Precision Cleanse will do what it says?

We have an overall success rate of around 90% with this product. However, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with Precision Cleanse, we will refund 100% of your money, including shipping charges. You just need to show us your receipt and documentation of a positive test from the testing clinic.

Why is Precision Cleanse more expensive than the rest?

Precision Cleanse is the result of 18 months of research. Both toxicologists and experts in the hair care industry all had input into the formulation of this product. One of the keys to Precision Cleanse was finding a way to keep the active ingredients at close to full strength after mixing it into the shampoo base. This process is expensive and thus increases the cost of production.

When deciding which brand to choose, keep in mind that you get what you pay for! Precision Cleanse is the only shampoo available that is a true permanent cleanser. BEWARE of "10 minute magical potions" that claim to mask the hair test. Don't take chances with your future! Pass the Test! 

Is Precision Cleanse safe and will it damage my hair?

Precision Cleanse is safe for use on all external parts of the body. While using Precision Cleanse, you will feel a strong tingling sensation of the scalp. Afterwards, you may experience temporary dryness of the hair, however, no permanent damage will be done. Precision Cleanse does not "burn" the hair.

What part of the hair is used for testing in hair analysis?

Only the hair shaft is tested during the analysis.

Will Precision Cleanse permanently remove all unwanted toxins?

Yes. All exposed hair (shaft) treated with Precision Cleanse is permanently toxin free. However, be aware that any future new growth from the root needs to be treated with Precision Cleanse to be toxin free. We offer a total detoxification package that will clean your body as well as your hair of all toxins. With this system, any new hair growth will be clean as well. Please click here for more information.

How much hair is required and how is it collected through analysis?

Testing requires a swatch of hair about one eighth of an inch in diameter and an inch to an inch and a half long, cut close to the scalp. If the hair on your head is too short, samples are collected from other parts of the body.

How far back in the past can hair analysis detect drug use?

Typically, hair testing detects any drug use within the last 90 days. However, special circumstances may require more in depth analysis and may reveal drug use for periods of time extending much further back into the past.

I have a drug test coming up next week, how fast can you ship my order?

We have many shipping options available, from next day to 3 day delivery. Please see our shipping policy for more specific information.


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