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Masking Shampoos Designed To Pass A Hair Drug Test No Longer Work In Most Labs

If you’ve been researching hair follicle drug testing products, you’ve probably seen many conflicting statements. For example:

Hair testing companies will tell you there is no way to pass a hair drug test.

Some companies similar to ours will tell you that their products will enable you to pass drug tests with 99.9% effectiveness.

So What Is The Truth About Passing A Hair Drug Test?

The truth, like most things, is somewhere in the middle. Hair follicle test labs will say their is no way to ever beat a hair drug test. Likewise, many shampoos formulated to help pass a hair drug test will claim a 99.9% effectiveness rate. They both have something to gain by making statements like this.

The truth is that there are too many factors that come into play to guarantee you’ll pass a hair test 100% of the time with any products used. But below are some facts you should know about passing a hair drug test:

·         It's easier to pass certain hair drug tests than others. It depends on how advanced the testing procedures they use are.

·        Masking products that attempt to coat the hair and throw of the test will no longer work. Most hair testing labs now methodically wash the hair, rinsing away all masking chemicals before the hair is actually tested.

·         In order to give yourself a chance at passing a hair drug test, you must detoxify the hair effectively, from the inside, with a strong topical cleansing formula, and not a masking agent.

So How Is A Hair Testing Lab Able To Find Drugs In Your Hair?

Drug metabolites in your body travel to your hair follicle, which is the part of your scalp that generates and grows a hair strand. From the hair follicle, the drug metabolites are deposited into the center of the newly formed hair strand as it grows. The inner shaft of a hair strand is known as the  cortex. The cortex is where these drug metabolites are found, and it's critical to get to the cortex when trying to detoxify the hair.

The cortex is filled with proteins and pigments, and as hair growth occurs, the metabolites are forced towards the outer edges of the cortex. On the outside of the cortex are cuticles, that resemble shingles on a house.

The cortex is very hard to penetrate because its location is at the center of the hair strand. Because of this, only certain substances can get into or near the cortex. But to be able to even get near the outer edges of the cortex where the drug metabolites are stored, to wash them away, you have to open up the cuticles or shingles.

Introducing A New Formulation
Precision Cleanse™ and Toxin Wash Shampoo

Hair analysis and the ability to pass a hair drug test really have changed considerably since late 2008. Hair testing labs can detect just trace amounts of most drug metabolites.

What makes this so unfair is that whether you are a real drug addict (you should seek help if you are) or just a person who used one time and are faced with a hair test, the results will be the same; A failed test. And the employer or agency that gave you the hair test will see the same results for both people and consider you both the same.

These new advances in hair strand analysis technology made us realize that we needed to go back to the beginning and completely reformulate our hair detoxification products. We consulted with hair experts and a research lab, including experienced hair salon stylists and toxicology experts, to formulate a product that will give the best results.

These consultants know more about the science of hair than anyone today, and their knowledge went into the new 2013 formulation of Precision Cleanse & Toxin Wash. Precision Cleanse & Toxin Wash are true hair detoxification product and not a masking agent.

Will Precision Cleanse & Toxin Wash Work 100% of The Time?

The answer is no. It’s simply impossible to pass a hair drug test 100% or “99.9%” of the time as they say. But we've seen dramatic improvement in  results since the reformulation, and we're proud to show you these results below. The numbers below are our current pass to fail ratios based on those who have applied for a money back guarantee vs. those who have not. We update the numbers below on a monthly basis:

THC - 93% success rate

Opiates - 88% success rate

Cocaine, Meth - 88% success rate

While the product is not 100% successful you can at least have a realistic idea of what to expect. Of course, factors like you usage level, type of lab doing the test, how well you followed the directions, and recontamination factors all have something to do with varying the success rate. The numbers shown above are an average of all different scenarios from heavy, moderate and light users as well as different testing labs.

While we can give you a very good chance to pass a hair drug test we can not guarantee it. However, we do offer a 100% money back guarantee if your test does come back positive. We just require you provide us with the failed lab test results. These test results you submit to us are kept completely confidential and only used as data to help us improve the product for the future.  

Clean Customer Testimonial
"Just found out today that I passed my hair drug test. Your system worked, that's all I know. Thanks! "

-- D. Stillman - New Orleans, LA

Please visit our website  or  to get even more information and ordering Precision Cleanse & Toxin Wash. We've designed the new site to give you as much information you'll need to make an informed decision about how to pass a drug test for hair. and offers you extended hours online chat, email, and telephone support to answer any additional questions you have after doing your online research. Please click here or one of the buttons below to be brought directly to 

Precision Cleanse pass a hair drug test
  • Designed for frequent THC, Benzo, and Opiate users, and/or light to frequent Cocaine/Methamphetamine users.
  • Permanently reduces the levels of hair shaft toxins
  • Takes roughly 3 hours time to complete detoxification
  • Most effective product available today.

Toxin Wash Pass a drug test
  • Designed for the light THC, Benzo, and Opiate user (1 time or week or less). Not for Cocaine/Methamphetamine detox, please use Precicion Cleanse if this is your concern.  
  • Permanently redcues the levels of hair shaft toxins.
  • Takes roughly 3 hours to complete detoxification

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