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Nicotine PDS

Permanent Detoxification System




You Will Pass Any Nicotine Blood Or Urine Test After Using This Product...Success Rate Has Been 99.6%...As Long As You Follow The Directions, You Will Pass...Reduces Nicotine Withdrawal By Removing All Traces Of Nicotine From The Blood


Each Nicotine PDS System comes with:

  • 4 Day Supply of Adipose Factor Capsules

  • 4 Day Supply of Conversion Factor Capsules

  • 2 FDA Approved Nicotine Home Test Kits

  • Detailed program instructions

  • Mandatory diet menu

  • Optional Fitness Detox Program

  • Optional Sauna Detox Program

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*

  • 24 hr / 7 day personal customer service coach via toll free number

  • A starter e-mail, sent to you immediately after you order, which includes the Diet Menu, Fitness, & Sauna Detox. This will help you prepare for the program, even start the program early if you wish, and improve results as you wait for your system to arrive.

$69.00 ea.



  • Designed for the cigar, cigarette, or chewing tobacco user.
  • Permanently cleanses the blood, urine, and saliva of nicotine.
  • Nicotine free in 4 days

The Synergy Detox Nicotine PDS (permanent detoxification system) is an 4 day detoxification program. The PDS is a  three part system, using a combination of Synergy Detox supplements, a specially designed mandatory diet, and specific fluid regimen. These three parts, when working together, produce a synergistic cleansing effect that give you the results you desire. 

This program includes a mandatory diet of chicken (turkey or shrimp is an option as well), green vegetables, and an assortment of other foods that when followed helps speed your metabolism, shrink fat cells, and release toxins from your body. This system works on accepted concepts of nutrition science, there is nothing magical here.

The 2 bottles of supplements included in the PDS are called Conversion Factor and Adipose Factor. Adipose Factor helps remove toxins from your fat cells, and Conversion Factor helps your liver in processing these toxins so they can be easily excreted by your body.

Both Conversion and Adipose Factor are all natural and made from proprietary vitamin and herbal preparations. There is no caffeine or stimulant type herbs in Synergy Detox products.   

New and Improved Mandatory Diet Menu! We've responded to customer suggestions that the old mandatory diet was too bland and difficult to follow. What we've done is reworked the menu as to include certain seasonings and foods that make this program much easier to follow, and still be as effective in burning fat and detoxifying the body.

New Fitness & Sauna Detox now included. As mentioned on the last page, we now include a simple to follow fat burning exercise  routine that adds a powerful boost to the program. Follow the Sauna Detox directions as well and you'll really help your body's ability to excrete processed toxins.

Remember, The Fitness & Sauna Detox is not a mandatory part of the system, but for those of you who wish to do everything possible to detoxify before your test, can follow this for added results.

The Synergy Detox PDS program is engineered to work as actual cleansing formulas. They do not in any way use masking formulas, cover ups, or alter the result of any test by using foreign additives than can be detected in the testing process.

Instead it cleans the body using 100% natural ingredients. These formulas have been put to the test time and time again with outstanding results. The Synergy Detox PDS is the healthy and natural choice to permanently cleanse toxins from the blood, urine, and saliva when you need to pass your drug test.

The following are the benefits of using our permanent detoxification system:

  • By detoxifying days in advance of your test, you will test yourself at home with the included FDA approved home test kits before your actual drug test. These is a lot to be said about knowing for sure you are clean before walking into your actual drug test.
  • Permanent detoxification not only will help you pass a drug test, but clean most other toxins out of your body, as well as lower cholesterol. You will feel healthy and energized after completing the system.
  • We have heard from customers that many times they would be in the middle of the permanent system, and for whatever reason, their scheduled drug test was moved up, not leaving them time to complete the system. In response to this, we have now formulated the Conversion Factor supplements included with the PDS to work as a temporary Fast Flush detoxification system. This will keep you clean for 5 hours in the case that you were unable to complete the permanent system, and need to be clean fast for your test.

Clean Customer Testimonial
"I would like to thank you for helping me pass my drug test. Everything was O.K and I passed with negative results. I just wanted to thank you and I will be telling everyone about you. You guys are worth the money, and you donít mess around. Iím glad I found you first, keep up the good work!"

-- James E.
Buffalo, Wyoming

* Synergy Detox produces the highest quality detoxification products available today. Our programs are guaranteed to give you the results you desire. In the rare event you do not pass your drug test after using any of the recommended products and following the directions, we will refund 100% of your purchase. You just need to show us your proof of purchase and documentation of unsatisfactory results from the testing clinic.

Synergy Detox products are a safe, 100% legal dietary supplement, containing all natural vitamins, herbs, and minerals. However, like any other dietary supplement, persons with a medical condition (i.e. asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) and/or taking therapeutic medications of any kind should consult a physician before using these products. They are not intended for those with kidney disease/disorder, pregnant or nursing women or persons under the age of 21.

Synegy Detox products are not intended in any way to falsify lawfully administered drug tests. The term pass drug tests used on this page and throughout this site refer to self administered drug testing.

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